Why Canopy

According to surveys from the National Institute of Justice and U S Postal Service each drug user costs Employers between $7,000-$10,000 each year. A key Department of Labor statistic indicates that 10% of the American work force is physically incapable of performing the essential functions of their jobs safely. Furthermore, 75% of work-related injuries occur among this same 10%. As a result, companies are hit with rapidly-rising workers’ compensation claim costs.

There is something you can do! Canopy Employment Screenings can protect you from these unnecessary injuries caused by unqualified workers – and the resulting costs – by helping you hire employees who are equipped and capable of doing the job safely.

Why We’re Different

Comprehensive. Our vast array of services make us the only choice for your wide-ranging employment testing needs.

Efficient. We give you results in 24 hours or less (excluding some lab tests), getting your employee right back on the job. Canopy Employment Screenings is on call 24-7, providing on-site and on-location service.

Professional. We are committed to excellence. You can rest assured that we will do it right. Our staff is certified as: DPT, PT, CNA, CPC, DOT, BAT, NIOSH, CMA, COHC, DAITIA.

Custom Testing. Besides offering the required health and safety screenings for companies, we take it one step further with our custom evaluations. Canopy will come to your jobsite and create employee screenings that are tailor-made to your specific job.

Is there an overhead lifting requirement for the job?
Long hours on your feet?

Whatever the job requires our custom evaluations will ensure that you have the right employee for the job.

Canopy Employment Screenings works with you for your safety and success!