The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that certain drivers get regular physicals to make sure they’re able to drive safely. This means your drivers must get a DOT physical and carry a DOT medical certificate if:

  • They operate a motor vehicle that holds 9-15 passengers
  • They drive the vehicle more than 75 miles from where they work
  • They operate a vehicle that holds 9-15 passengers for interstate commerce purposes
  • They operate a vehicle with a gross combination weight rating of at least 10,001 pounds
  • They transport hazardous materials in certain quantities

Canopy Employment Screenings offers the following DOT services:

  • DOT drug collection
  • DOT breath alcohol examination
  • DOT physical examination performed by a certified medical examiner
  • DOT random pool management
  • Supervisor training and classroom- or computer-based training

We’re available 24/7; don’t hesitate to contact us with your DOT needs.